5 sentence challenge

The  water is  going  in  the  pool.

The powfull   water is splashing on me.

I can hear parrots squawking in the trees.

I can hear the waterfall.

I can see people watching the powerful waterfall.

by Hattie and Isabella

























5 sentence challenge

The  water  full  is  going  splash  splash  splash  into  the  pond.

There  is  lots  of bright green leaves.

The people are watching the water fall going splash splosh splash splosh

I can hear the trees going swish swosh swish swash.

There is lots of green trees in the way of the sun.

By  Luke purdy    Mayla  emily

5 sentence challenge

The    wrotfrow    is    frolin  dan   wiv   wrotre.

the   clifs   ra  mudy.

the    chrees   ra    trol.

the     bres     ra   sing          in   the   sky.

by Sophie an d Albert