fun time.

The      sky       is          blue.

In       the       darck        darck        tunnle      there  is    a       train

The        people        are       smilling

The       sand      is       yellow

The     flag     is      oringe

BY       MAY      AND      EVE.

5 Sentence Challenge

Here is a wonderful picture prompt that we used a few weeks ago but you told me there is so much more to see that I thought we could have another go at writing some brilliant sentences. This image is taken from Mrs Skinner’s Five Sentence Challenge website Please write your five fantastic sentences in a comment.

KS1 bloggers

I had the pleasure of working with both Thistle and Clover class yesterday, who worked extremely hard. All of the children took themselves on a blog walk to visit blogs of other classes in other schools around the country and the world! Here they are in action: