5 sentence challenge

In  the     distins   thier    is  snouwy   miniN.

The   owl   is   fast   asleeP .

Their  is    a    man   in      a  red       top     is     doowing   archry.

A   big   hows   is   giving  shaid   to   the  people.

The   erplain   is   flying   by   the   snowy  mowntuns.

by  rowan  jacob

5 sentence challenge

all   the   people      are      having       a    party    in     the      sun

the    man      in       the     yellow       top         is

bird    watching        there        are          people

haling   picnics on the grass. there are mountains in the back ground. All the people are rowing boats. The car is shiny.

by Alice    Hattie


5 sentence challenge

The    boats   are   culfil.

The  car  is   blue    and   big.

There    is   a   ladey    in   a    hamick.

The  dolmashmashin is   laing    down.

The    peppole  are   haveng  a  picknick.

by willow  and  may.


5 sentence challenge

The man is bird woching in the corner.

All of the mouting are snowy.

The car is darck blew and it is going on a new holiday.

The boast are yellow and red.

The owl is siting on a wobly branch.

by neve chloe