Five Sentence Challenge Week #2

There are lots of bricks and hay houses by the road.

A dog is sitting down in the yellow road because he has just run a long way and he is tired.

The road is yellow because the sun is reflecting on it.

The village is very old because there is lots of hay and people are wearing clothes from a long time ago.

Aeroplanes in the sky are flying and making bumpy noises.

Thistle class describe the picture in their own words:

3 thoughts on “Five Sentence Challenge Week #2

  1. Goodness me Thistle class! what a lot of wonderful looking you have done today. It was a very busy picture wasn’t it and you have chosen some marvellous things for your sentences.

    It is so lovely to know that you are getting on with your blogging and writing!

  2. Wow! What wonderful sentences Thistle class! There were lots of things to look at in that picture and you have picked out some very interesting ones. I especially like the sentence about the village being very old and how you know it’s old. Could you think of some more describing words for the aeroplane?

    Keep up the great work!

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