Little Rabbit Foo Foo

This week in Thistle Class we have been enjoying reading ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’ by the brilliant Michael Rosen and he was even kind enough to take time to reply to our tweet!

Not only have we loved listening to the story, but we have also had so much fun retelling the story, acting it out on our school field and here we are creating our own video of the story. We hope you enjoy it.

Five Sentence Challenge – Autumn

The beautiful flowers turn brown and die.

The giant, green bushes turn brown, yellow and orange.

The round leaves fall off the trees in the Autumn wind.

Brown, smooth, hard conkers in spiky green shells can prickle your hands.

On the ground crunchy leaves break when people stand on them in heavy boots.

Five Sentence Challenge Week #2

There are lots of bricks and hay houses by the road.

A dog is sitting down in the yellow road because he has just run a long way and he is tired.

The road is yellow because the sun is reflecting on it.

The village is very old because there is lots of hay and people are wearing clothes from a long time ago.

Aeroplanes in the sky are flying and making bumpy noises.

Thistle class describe the picture in their own words: