A week in Thistle class

On Tuesday we looked at how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We read the story and found out what animal we are based on the year we were born. We also ate fortune cookies! In the afternoon we made some felt. We all ended up with very soapy hands!

Also this week, Year 1 children have been learning about how to use connectives in their writing to join two sentences together. The children in reception have been using describing words and have made a zig-zag animal book.

In Art we have been looking at repeating patterns. We had a problem….Elmer the Elephant is bored of his patchwork skin and wants us to design him a new one. We used tracing paper to create our own repeating patterns. These are going to go on display in our classroom. We will post a photo once it is finished!

Today we are going to do some more work on Chinese New Year. We are going to join with Clover class for some fun activities!

KS1 bloggers

I had the pleasure of working with both Thistle and Clover class yesterday, who worked extremely hard. All of the children took themselves on a blog walk to visit blogs of other classes in other schools around the country and the world! Here they are in action:

Take a blog walk and tell us what you find…

To be a great blogger you must visit other blogs not only to see what other children are blogging about but also to leave comments. You will find that the more comments you leave on other blogs, the more visits and comments you’ll get in return. Here are a few blogs to go and explore:

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