An exciting day

Today I went to Bowood with Tom and lots of my friends. We played at the adventure park and then Susan and I explored in the house and saw photos of people from the olden days. Then we went to the waterfalls and Tom caught a perch fish with his hands. Me, Tom and Oscar were the first people at the top of the hill and then we had a pine cone battle when the others got to the top.

My first book review

I have just read Little red riding hood by ladybird tales. I enjoyed the book. The little girls grandmother made a cape for her and so people called her little red riding hood . She lives with her mum and dad, her dad is a woodcutter. Her mum gives her a bottle of blackcurrant juice and a cake to take to her grandmother because she is ill. she meets a wolf on her way………. read the story to find out what happens next. I think children in year 1 and 2 would like this book. by Erin