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Our learning today

Today I had the pleasure of teaching Sunflower class all day and we kept the wonderful theme of Dinosaurs going with their topic. Everyone worked so hard and was so engaged in their learning, which was varied and interesting. Here are some of the class, who were happy to share their learning, talking about what they enjoyed from the day.

At the fairground

The     caiks        Look           pritee

There      is          a          punch           and            joodee         shoa

The        flags   are       red         and             wit

They       is       a         girl            on        a             car

By Eve and Mayla


Science week

Sunflower class had a very exciting week last week as it was science week in school! As part of the week’s activities everyone was given the opportunity to work with some fantastic experiments that Mrs Tyler got from We the Curious. Also, we all got to visit the amazing Explorer Dome and Sunflower class have been thinking about what they enjoyed the most from their experience. Here they are:

Thistle Class on Westwood Radio

This afternoon Thistle class took to the airwaves with a live radio show on Westwood radio. Broadcasting to, literally the world, everyone had the opportunity to read some of their amazing writing from their Under the Sea topic and to step behind the microphone to have their first experience of live radio and how well they did.

With Lewis, Alice and May hosting the show, plenty of listeners – thank you everyone – and lots of texts from their audience, the children made me so proud with their confidence and professionalism. You can enjoy our fantastic afternoon again here and here are some behind the scenes photos from Thistle class studio!

International Day

We were finding out about India. Here are some facts we now know:

we    havin  joy      lrenin  abalt   indyre    pepi     in      inere    eat   cury.

we   are   werin    fansee     cloes;

eieefontss    hav   culafl     chalc    on   thair trunks

The      peepl    hav    got    brown  scin.

By Sophie and Eve


the      littl  grel    is    gras     and  she     is    got   a   wil    baroa.

The    ginga    cat   is       asleep      undre   the   flalas.

there   is    a   robing   on      the   chrees.


the  garden   centr is full of people.

By Sophie and Albert